Computer Lab Policy

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that all YSU students, faculty and staff have access to and enjoy opportunities to benefit from well-maintained, optimally equipped and staffed Maag Lab computing facilities.

We also believe that each student deserves to be treated with courtesy and consideration by his or her colleagues, as well as by Maag computer Lab staff.

Student Expectations

MLCL staff may advise students regarding MLCL basic software and can provide limited support for specialized software.

However, MLCL staff may not assist students with homework, help debug software programs, or create web pages.

Computing Facilities Policies

To ensure that all students wishing to use MLCL facilities and equipment may do so in a clean, safe, productive environment, students are required to respect the following policies:

  • All students, staff, and faculty must have a valid YSU photo ID card, which will be scanned at the lab assistant’s desk upon entrance.
  • Game playing is not allowed.
  • Food drinks, and tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Any computer and/or floppy disk suspected of containing a virus should be reported to the lab assistant immediately.
  • Only one original copy of a document is permitted to be printed
  • Individuals creating a disturbance or making excessive noise may be asked to leave the facility.
  • Computers are only available to students and faculty members utilizing computer-based instruction.
  • Signs and/or flyers-other than those places by MLCL-are restricted to specifically designated areas.


Computing Equipment Policies

  • Users may not attach any peripheral to MLCL equipment.
  • Users may not move MLCL equipment.
  • Computer use is limited to two hours per user, after which a user can be asked to relinquish his/her computer.
  • Personal files stored on MCLC can be deleted without notification.
  • Users not needing specialized equipment attached to a computer may be asked to use a different computer if another user needs the specialized equipment, and an alternate computer is available.
  • Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Computers unattended for more than 15 minutes may be considered available for use by other students.
  • Manual feeding of personal paper supplies is prohibited.
  • The use of electronic mail or other means of communication via computer that threatens or harasses another user is prohibited.


Computing Software Usage Policies

Please note that MLCL software is provided for educational use only.

In addition, a number of MLCL computers provide specialized software. Users not needing specialized software may be asked to relinquish a particular computer if it is needed by another student, and if an alternate computer is available.

To ensure that all MLCL computers are maintained in optimum condition, the following actions by students are prohibited.

  • Installing software
  • Attempting to circumvent or alter the system configuration.
  • Copying software (other than freeware, shareware.)
  • Use of destructive or invasive software is prohibited.