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Maag Library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents.
Public access to the gover
nment documents collection is guaranteed by public law.
(Title 44 United States Code)

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Government publications are a valuable resource for papers and research projects. They are timely, authoritative, and diverse--covering topics from business, energy, drug abuse, education and civil rights, to many other political, scientific, and social areas of study.

Maag Library has been a selective government depository since 1971. Currently Maag selects about 48% of the publications available through the FDLP: Federal Depository Library Program. Documents are selected which support YSU's curricula, research, and programs as well as documents of general interest to residents of the 13th Congressional District. Maag is also a depository for selected Ohio documents. The State Library of Ohio serves as the regional government depository for Ohio, and thus collects 100% of the publications available through the FDLP.

Most government publications are now published on the Web and are easily accesible through MaagNET or any Internet browser. The selected print collection is located on the Sixth Floor and is available during all Library Hours. For assistance, ask at the Reference Desk on the main floor or contact Christine Adams (contact info right).

Circulation Policy: Use of the collection is open to the public. Borrowing of materials, however, is limited to current faculty, staff and students as well as those patrons belonging to Friends of Maag Library. Reference materials must be used within the library. The circulation policy of the Government Documents section reflects the general circulation policies of Maag Library.

For more information, see Maag's Government Documents Collection Development Policy.

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