Food and Drink Policy

Beverages in spill-proof containers are permitted in certain areas of the building such as the main floor as well as the lobbies located on Floors 3, 4, 5, and 6. Beverages must be in covered, resealable-type containers such as Thermos mugs, sports bottles, or disposable cups with lids.

No beverages or food will be allowed in the following areas:

  • Reference Room
  • Computer Lab (4th Floor)
  • Instruction Room (4th Floor)
  • Microforms area (3rd floor)
  • Special Collections / Archives (5th Floor)
  • Curriculum Resource Center (College of Education)

Maag Library strives to provide a relaxed atmosphere conducive to study and academic research. At the same time, we also must protect materials and equipment, so we ask for your cooperation in limiting beverages and food to lobby areas.

The Library staff retains the right to remove food or beverage items found in areas where they are not permitted, or if the containers are not secure.