Subject Guide -- Gerontology

Gerontology is the scientific study of the elderly and of aging. The science of gerontology includes the medical and biological, the psychological and sociological and also the economic and philosophical aspects of aging. (See Wikipedia)

Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Handbooks and Directories        
  • The Encyclopedia of Aging Ref. HQ 1061. E53 2001
    This is a comprehensive source that presents topics and people relevant in the fields of Gerontology and Geriatrics.
  • The Encyclopedia of Aging and the Elderly Ref. HQ 1061 .R69 1992
    Encyclopedia that presents a wide variety of topics dealing with aging and the elderly. Most entries are accompanied by references.
  • Encyclopedia of Gerontology: Age, Aging, and the Aged Ref. RC 952.5 .E58 1996
    Divided into two volumes, this source provides a rather in depth coverage of issues dealing with Gerontology.
  • The Social Science Encyclopedia Ref. H 41 .S63 2004
    3nd ed. Informational articles on all disciplines in the social sciences for the serious scholar (who is not necessarily a specialist). Includes a list of articles by subject or discipline.
  • Older Americans Almanac: A Reference Work on Seniors in the United States Ref. HQ 1064 .U5 O416 1994
    This source is divided into subject areas concerning the study of aging. This source is easy to understand and each subject area provides references.
  • Topics in Gerontology Ref. Z 7164 .O4-T66 1993
    Focusing on different subject areas concerning gerontology, this source provides essays and bibliographies of the different subject areas.
  • Mahoning Valley Community Resources Directory Ref. HV 35 .H42 2002
    Directory of local community services compiled by Help Hotline.
  • Clinical pharmacology in the elderly : reference ranges and biological variations after repeated measurements Ref. RM301.28 .B74 1996
    This source covers the Theories of aging, Changes in body functions, pharmacokinetics, Practical aspects in performing clinical trials in elderly subjects and Experimental findings in elderly subjects.
Statistical Resources

            Fact Book on Aging Ref. HQ 1064 .U5V494

  • This source presents various statistics concerning the aging population.
  • Nursing Home Statistical Yearbook Ready Ref. RA 997 .A1-N89 1997
    This source provides information and statistics concerning nursing homes and the people that live within those homes.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States Ref. HA 202 (Latest year at Reference Desk)
    Latest edition found in Ready reference, inquire at reference desk. Produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, this source presents a multitude of U.S. statistics in various areas.
  • Statistical Handbook on Aging Americans Ref. HQ 1064 .U5S695 1994
    Latest edition found in Ready reference, inquire at reference desk. This source provides tables and charts related to the aging population in America.
  • Statistical Record of Older Americans Ref. HQ 1064 .U5S348 1994
    Latest edition found in Ready reference, inquire at reference desk. Excellent source providing easy to understand tables of statistics concentrating on the older American population. Each table provides the source that the information was obtained from.
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    • HQ 1060-1064 Aged, Gerentology (social aspects)
    • RC 952-954.6 — Geriatrics
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