How to Update Webpage?

Getting Started

  1. Click on the Services Tab, then choose log on the website
  2. Log in with your username and password.

The Content Management Tools

  1. Look to the top of the screen to see your tool bar

  1. The 2 buttons you will use most often are the Add Content and Find Content Buttons
  2. You can also click on your name to view your recent updates, edit your contact information,  and change your password
  3. Use the log out button whenever you are finished editing your pages

Editing your pages

  1. Navigate to your page through the current site, or type in the URL.
  2. Once you have found the page you want to edit, you can click on the edit tab at the top of the page


  1. Once you are in the editing page, you can write text and use the standard editing tools shown below.  Do not change the title or URL of the page since this will affect other pages that are linked to it.


4. When creating a link, you can use the hyperlink icon to set the page to open in a new tab or window.      Choose Target from the top of the screen then choose New Window (_Blank) from the drop down menu.


5.  Other than the standard editing tools, some that you may not be familiar with are listed below.  If you place your mouse over any of the buttons in Drupal, it will tell you what that button will do.


                           ^                      ^                        ^                         ^                             ^                             ^

                    Picture           Flash Video        Table           Horizontal Line     Emoticon      Special Character

Special Notes 

Pictures - In order to use a picture from your harddrive, you must copy and paste the picture into page you are editing. You just use Full HTML mode desribed in the section on tables below. If a picture is available online, you can use the URL to place it on your page.  Copy and Paste for pictures does not work in the Google Chrome browser.

Tables – In order to insert a table your page must be in Full HTML mode.  You can change this by scrolling down to the Text Format bock and choosing Full HTML

Side Bar Blocks - You will notice that you do not have access to the side bar blocks.  If you need to have a block edited, or other update that required advanced coding, please contact Shelly.


Linking - All links moving to a site outside of should be linked by opening a new tab or browser window.  This allows patrons to continue to use the navigation tools on the site without getting lost.

Page Owners - Responsiblity for the accuracy of all content rests with the page owner and his or her supervisor.  Consult the above instructions or the webmaster for assistance with editing your pages.