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Maag Library Building Guide

FLOOR Services, Collections, and Call Numbers ELEVATOR
6A Call numbers: QD 86 - Z 3
6 Quiet Floor
Current & Bound Periodicals
Government Documents
Copy Machines
1 and 2
5A Call numbers: PR 1500 - QD 85  3
5 Quiet Floor
Archives/Special Collections
Call numbers: N - PR 1499
1, 2, and 3
4A Call numbers: HG - LT 3
4 Group Study Floor
Computer Lab
Library Instruction Lab
Group Study Rooms
Tech/Help Desk
1 and 2
3A Call numbers: DT - HF 3
3 Group Study Floor
Multimedia Center
Maag Café
Call numbers: A - DS, M-MT
1, 2, and 3
Main Reference Room
Administrative Offices
Circulation and Closed Reserves
Copy Machines / Copy Cards
Change Machine
Current Newspapers
InterLibrary Loan
Information Services Office
Technical Services
1, 2, and 3
Communications Classrooms
English Language Institute
Reading and Study Skills
Writing Center
Vending Machines
1, 2, and 3


Finding a Book on the Shelf

Most books and other library materials in Maag Library are assigned a Library of Congress Classification number (call number) and are arranged by those numbers on library shelves. Most call numbers begin with a one-, two-, or three-letter designation which represents a broad subject area.  For instructions on how to read a call number see Reading Call Numbers.

When you have found references in MaagNet for the material you want, note the call number, location and status, usually in a box below the bibliographic information.

Items in the General or Oversize Collections (see Locations Listed in MaagNet for descriptions) are found on floors 3 through 6A. The location charts in Reference and by the elevators use the letters at the beginning of the call number to show you which subjects and/or call numbers may be found on which floor.


*See the table Locations Listed in MaagNet for a description of common locations. See the  Availability/Status table for commonly used terms that describe whether or not an item is available for check-out.