Volume 2, Issue 1             August 2011                                                                                                                                                    Newsletter archive

YSU ID Number Replaces Barcodes at Maag Library

Beginning on Monday,July 18, 2011, Maag Library migrated to a new logon process. A combination of YSU ID # and a password replaces the library barcode. The new Maag logon will affect access to all Maag Library and OhioLINK services, patron circulation records, and offcampus OhioLINK resources.

Above: New logon screen for Maag Library. This screen will allow secure access to library accounts.

This link explains how to change your logon: . The Access Services staff at the Circulation Desk in the lobby of Maag Library can help you with the process also. After reading the directions on how to change your logon, go directly to the “Your Library Record” link on Maag’s homepage and complete the process. Students, Faculty and Staff will be using their name, Y#, and a password to log on. Alumni and Friends of Maag patrons must use this new process also, but they will have a Z# as part of their sign on. Those patrons will receive a new card in the mail with their Z# on it and can then change their logon information. All patrons of Maag Library are encouraged to call the Circulation Desk at 330-941-3678 or stop in if they have any questions or would like assistance in completing the new logon procedure.

Maag Electrical Upgrades

During the summer months Maag Library added numerous electrical outlets to all the floors in the library. Most tables, study carrels, chairs and sofas now have access to an electrical outlet for patron convenience in using electronic devices. Also, the Maag library wireless connections have been improved to increase the signal in various ‘dark’ spots.

Welcome Week Preview

Welcome Week is right around the corner. Maag Library will once again be providing nachos and cheese Monday, August 29 and Tuesday, August 30 from 10 am until 2 pm. You can also play fun games like plinko and try to win a semester’s supply of coffee from Jazzman’s Café. This year’s theme will be “Play your Cards Right: Research at Maag Library.”

Maag Library Staff Changes
After many years of faithful service to Maag Library and YSU, Debbie Beronja (CRC Librarian) and Therese Novak (CRC Staff) retired on July 31, 2011. Their helpful attitude and dedication to YSU will be missed by many students, staff, and faculty; especially those of the Beeghly College of Education and Maag Library. A retirement party was held in the CRC on July 15, 2011.

Right: Debbie Beronja and Therese Novak celebrate with gifts and balloons at their retirement party in the Curriculum Resource Center.
On August 1, 2011 Alyssa Jordan took over as the CRC Librarian. For the last 2 years Alyssa has been the MMC Librarian in Maag Library. Now, she is looking forward to working with the faculty, staff, and students of the Beeghly College of Education. She will be joined by Lorraine Childers who has worked in Access Services for Maag Library.

Paul Kobulnicky (Executive Director) has relocated to the Office of Finance and Administration to assist Gene Grilli (Vice President for Finance and Administration) with the YSU Strategic Plan. Ana Bobby and Jim Kapoun have been appointed to carry out the duties of the executive director as needed.

Thank You from Waste Free Maag

On behalf of the Waste Free Maag Committee, we would like to thank everyone who donated books to our book drive for the Beatitude House.

We were able to collect 200 books for kids and teens. Sister Mary Alice was very grateful to receive the books.They will be given to youth in need.

  • Cassie Nespor: : Curator at the Rose Melnick Medical Museum—
    Completed a new exhibit about the evolution of nursing education. This exhibit summarizes the changes in U.S. nursing education from its beginning in 187
    Above: Some of the displays at the newly created nursing exhibit in the Melnick.
  • Kevin Whitfield: Catalog Librarian—Attended The US Electronic Theses and Dissertations Association Conference in Orlando, Florida May 18-20, 2011.

  • Maria Barefoot: Assistant Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Health Sciences—Began a one-year term as President-elect and Program Chair of the Ohio Health Sciences Library Association.

  • Christine Adams: Assistant Reference and Instruction Librarian for Business— Financial Literacy Guide was featured in an article in The Business Journal from June 2011..

  • Jim Kapoun: Associate Director and Head of Information Services—Services—Presented “Comparing Research Methods Currently Taught at Lutheran Seminaries” at Kent State University on May 20, 2011 at the Conference on Information and Religion .

  • Rebecca Moore: Manager of Information Literacy and Assessment Planning— Attended the TurningPoint User Conference in Columbus, OH April 25-26, 2011

  • The Old South's Modern Worlds: Slavery, Region, and Nation in the Age of Progress
    By: L. Diane Barnes, Brian Schoen, and Frank Towers
    Call #: F208.2 .S68 2011
    The Old South has traditionally been portrayed as an insular and backward-looking society. The Old South's Modern Worlds looks beyond this myth to identify some of the many ways that antebellum southerners were enmeshed in the modernizing trends of their time.

    Journal Writing in Second Language Education
    By: Christine Pearson Casanave
    Call #: P53.27 .C37 2011  
    This revisiting of journal writing from a 21st century perspective, informed by relevant earlier literature, is what Christine Pearson Casanave guides readers through in this first booklength treatment of the use of journal writing in the contexts of language learning, pre and in-service teaching, and research.

    Visualizing Psychology
    By: Siri Carpenter and Karen Huffman
    Call #: BF121 .C354 2010  
    Combining Wiley’s name in Psychology with National Geographic’s rich visual resources such as photographs, illustrations, and videos, this second edition continues to offer professors the opportunity to immerse their students in the world of the psychology. Examples throughout Visualizing Psychology, 2nd edition show students how they can use psychology in the workplace and in their personal relationships, while also demonstrating the role psychology plays in other practical everyday issues.
    Pivot of the Universe: Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar and the Iranian Monarchy
    By: Abbas Amanat
    Call #: DS307.N38 A63 2008 
    When he was assassinated in 1896, Nasir al-Din Shah had sat on the Peacock throne for nearly half a century. A colorful, complex figure, he is frequently portrayed as indolent and self -indulgent. Yet he was in many ways an effective ruler who displayed exceptional resilience in the face of dilemmas and vulnerabilities shared by most monarchs of the Islamic world in the nineteenth century.

    Dissent from the Majority Report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
    By: Peter Wallison
    Call #: HB3722 .W345 2011  
    Peter J. Wallison is the only member of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) to release a formal dissent to the FCIC’s official report on the causes of the financial crisis. Wallison, codirector of financial policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, argues that the FCIC’s report fails to address the cause of the deterioration in mortgage underwriting standards that led to the housing bubble widely accepted as the key factor in destabilizing the American economy.

    Consumer Economics: Issues and Behaviors
    By: Elizabeth B. Goldsmith
    Call #: TX335 .G585 2009 
    Today's consumer is operating in a much more complex marketplace than could ever have been envisioned by Adam Smith, founding father of modern economics, who argued that consumers—not kings or parliaments—should rule nations.