Volume 1, Issue 3             April 2011                                                                                                                                                    Archived Newsletters

What is the Multimedia Center?

One of the first questions that is asked about Maag Library's Multimedia Center is, “What is it?” The mission of the Multimedia Center is to advance knowledge through the creation and use of multimedia. The MMC houses all of Maag Library’s audio and video resources and offers specific services to the YSU community.

Above: Multimedia Librarian, Alyssa Jordan sits in the common area of the Multimedia Center.

One of our MMC’s most heavily used resources is the DVD collection. Students and faculty can check out Criterion Collection classic and contemporary films, current documentaries, subject-specific educational films, and even some popular Hollywood movies. The MMC’s CD collection contains approximately 3000 music albums from multiple genres including jazz, classical, rock, and popular music. DVDs and CDs circulate for seven days or can be placed on reserve as part of a class’s course materials. Patrons can watch video recordings on one of the viewing stations featuring televisions, DVD players and VCRs. Users can also listen to audio recordings on one of the listening stations featuring CD players, turntables, and cassette decks. The Multimedia Center also circulates headphones, iPod cables, and the very popular Flip Video camcorders.

If you are interested in exploring podcasting, the MMC houses two podcasting booths where students and faculty can create and edit podcasts and other multimedia presentations. Don’t worry if you are new to this technology, as the MMC staff can help patrons create audio and visual presentations, convert audio and video formats, and digitize media formats.

The MMC computers also offer some specific software including: Finale Music Composing & Notation software, iLife software including GarageBand and iMovie, and Logic Studio music software.

Lastly, the Multimedia Center houses a small collection of music ensemble parts and scores and provides assistance to patrons searching for music in Maag’s specialized edition and circulating score collection.

We would love for you to visit. If you have any questions about the Multimedia Center’s services and resources, please call the Multimedia Librarian Alyssa Jordan (330.941.2382) or staff member Kenny Reyes (330.941.2286).

Melnick Medical Museum Ready for Spring!

The word is getting out about the Melnick Medical Museum! Have you seen it yet?

We had a full capacity crowd for our “Medical Advances of the Civil War” presentation on the evening of March 23. Dr. Peter D’Onofrio wore his reenactment uniform and gave an entertaining account of the state of medicine throughout the Civil War. More than 75 people attended the free presentation and toured the Museum. The event was co-sponsored by the Mahoning Valley Historical Society and the YSU History Department.

Meanwhile, work continues on a new exhibit about the evolution of the nursing profession and education. The exhibit includes nursing uniforms from the 1890s to 1970s, as well as information on the local hospital nursing schools. A cataloging project is now underway to make our artifact collection more visible. Approximately 300 items will be cataloged in MaagNet and OhioLink.

Due to the popularity of our blog (, two of our artifacts are currently on loan. Our 1933 Prescription Pad for Medicinal Alcohol will be featured in a new television series about antiques. Our Civil War-era amputation kit made by the Gemrig Company from Philadelphia is currently part of a Civil War exhibit entitled "With Bullets Singing All Around Me" at the Everhart Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania (

This spring is a busy time for the Museum. We have many tours scheduled already. Younger tour groups include the United Local second grade class, the Girard Cub Scouts, and the Islamic Academy of Youngstown. More in-depth tours will be given to college students from YSU’s Pre-Health Society, Kent State University, and the Venango campus of Clarion University.

Above: Local scouting troop gets a lesson on the Iron Lung at the Melnick Museum.
Don’t forget that the Museum will be open for Take Your Child to Work Day on Thursday, April 21! Curator Cassie Nespor will be leading a guided tour from 12:30—12:50 pm. The Museum will be open until 4:00 pm for self-guided tours. Contact Cassie Nespor at 330.941.4662 or for more information.

Like many, I grew up in an analog age and because of that multimedia meant different things to me then than it does now. It meant vinyl recordings of music or maybe state-of-the-art reel-to-reel magnetic tape, film in strip or movie formats and sometimes picture files.
That was what there was forty years ago and the mission of a multimedia center was to bring those formats together with the machines that were required to use them. And while a multimedia center today still brings together audio and visual information together with playback equipment it does so much more; and it does things that are at the forefront of what modern libraries do.
Today’s multimedia center is a very active digital center. Audio files are stored and disseminated in digital formats or even translated from analog to digital. For more than seven years, staff in the Maag MMC have been actively digitizing old vinyl records and even old reel to reel tapes of historic Dana School performances. Once digitized, this material can be used without further damage to the original and, with proper precautions regarding copyright, it can be accessed by YSU students via the Internet.
The MMC has also become a campus resource for the production of audio and video podcasts. The MMC maintains podcast stations for student and faculty use and the MMC staff can provide assistance in podcast development. Audio and video are two very important and very contemporary modes in the processes of teaching and learning; the MMC is well positioned to support faculty in the development of multimedia educational modules for both campus instruction as well as distance learning.
Most importantly, as society embraces mobile devices such as iPad-like tablets and web-interactive cellular phones, more and more information will be sought in audio and video formats, driven by apps. Internationally, ground-breaking courses are being created out of very short AV segments—segments that are minutes long but strung together into whole courses. It is in this area of intense multimedia-based learning that the Maag Multimedia Center finds itself well positioned to enhance the University’s mission of student success. And, if we need to incorporate a clip from an old movie ... we still have those too.
Paul Kobulnicky, University Librarian

Faye Collier passed away on March 3, 2011. She had worked in the Mail Room on the YSU campus prior to coming to the Access Services (Circulation) Department of Maag Library. She always had a smile for patrons at the front counter and did everything she could to assist them. Faye, a very private person, was a caring individual who was deeply concerned about people in need whether she knew them or not.
She was of the Jehovah Witness faith and a faithful follower of her God Jehovah. Faye was a dedicated employee at Maag Library—often coming to work even though she wasn’t feeling well. She would say, “I didn’t want to leave you short-handed,” or “I wanted to finish some work I started yesterday.” Faye was born and raised in Hubbard, Ohio; she graduated from Hubbard High School in 1970. Before working for YSU, she had worked in the banking industry in Youngstown for 19 years. She leaves behind two brothers, two sisters, and several nieces, nephews, and great-nephews. Faye was especially close to her niece Monica, who selflessly put on hold her education at YSU so that she could care for Faye during her illness and most especially her final days. Faye’s soft-spoken voice and smile will be forever remembered by patrons and staff at Maag Library.
Faye Alice Collier during Welcome Week 2010.

  • Robert Ault : Microforms Librarian
    Co-writer and producer of Dr. Saul Friedman's latest documentary Ash and Smoke: The Holocaust in Salonika to be released late Spring 2011.
    The cover of Ash and Smoke
  • Maria Barefoot: Assistant Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Health Sciences—Accepted to the University of Pittsburgh Certificate of Advanced Study in Health Librarianship Program with a full scholarship beginning May 2011.

  • Cynthia Harrison: Assistant Reference Librarian for Science and Engineering—Attended the Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians’ Fall 2010 Meeting titled The Wild, Wild (mid) West of E-Books.

  • Jim Kapoun: Associate Director and Head of Information Services— Presented a poster titled 50 Years of Evolution in MLS Education at ACRL 15th National Conference on March 31 – April 2, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Will present Comparing Research Methods currently taught at Lutheran Seminaries at the Conference on Information and Religion at Kent State University on May 20, 2011.
  • Rebecca Moore: Manager of Information Literacy and Assessment Planning— Attened TurningPoint AnyWhere and Results Manager Best Practices webinar on January 6, 2011 and the YSU Council on Teaching and Learning’s Better Learning through Technology conference on January 13, 2011.

  • Cassie Nespor: Curator at the Rose Melnick Medical Museum—Currently enrolled in an online graduate-level course called Curatorship: Contemporary Perspectives from the University of Victoria. Attended the YSU Better Teaching Through Technology conference on January 13th. Will attend the Medical Museums Association annual meeting and the annual conference of the American Association for the History of Medicine from April 28 to May 1 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Will attend the Ohio Museums Association annual conference at Walsh University on April 11th and the Ohio Academy of Medical History meeting at Yellow Springs, Ohio on May 7th .

  • Jeff Trimble: Systems Librarian—Presented MERC: Managing Electronic Record Cataloging at the Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians’ Fall 2010 meeting titled The Wild, Wild (mid) West of E-Books at Parma, Ohio on November 19, 2010.

  • Shelly Xiaoli Zhu: Electronic Services Librarian—Hosted a Wordpress blog workshop with Dr. Sherry Linkon for YSU faculty and staff on February 18, 2011.

  • Mastering the National Counselor Examination and the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination
    by Bradley T Erford
    Call #: BF636.6 .M37 2011
    Specifically designed to help students preparing for the National Counselor Exam (NCE) or Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE), and professional counselors preparing to take the NCE as a licensure exam, this practical guide provides numerous sample questions and four full-length practice exams—more than 1,000 questions in all—and offers pertinent information about the NCE and CPCE, including discussion of its rationale, structure, format, and scoring procedures.

    by Mark Twain
    Call #: PS1331 .A2 2010  
    In explaining his dissatisfaction with his early attempts to write his life story, Mark Twain blamed the narrowness of the conventional cradle-to-grave format: “The side-excursions are the life of our life-voyage, and should be, also, of its history.”

    Historical Interpretations of the “Fifth Empire”
    by Maria Ana Travassos Valdez
    Call #: BX4705.V55 T73 2011  
    This book analyzes the history of the interpretation of concepts such as Fifth Empire and succession of ages from as early as the 2nd century B.C. until the 17th century. Influenced by the main intellectual and religious tendencies of the 17th century, Vieira’s interpretation has revealed itself to be original in the way that it introduces a new reading/interpretation of the succession of historical periods.
    The Jesuit Mission to New France
    by Takao Abe
    Call #:F1030.7 .A34 2011 
    A new interpretation of the Jesuit mission to New France is here proposed by using, for comparison and contrast, the earlier Jesuit experience in Japan.

    How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers
    by Dorothy M Campbell
    Call #:LB2838 .H56 2011  
    This versatile and practical book provides clear, manageable guidelines and tips for professional portfolio development that can be followed by teachers at all stages of their careers.

    Development Cooperation: Facing the Challenges of Global Change
    by Koldo Unceta
    Call #:HC60 .D4743 2010  
    Development cooperation, a concept that has existed for more than fifty years, has been transformed drastically in recent years. With the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s, so-called developing countries ceased to be potential pawns in global political dynamics and gradually became the focus of greater moral concerns. As such, pro-development policies demanded a more ethically grounded political strategy, a challenge that governments and international bodies did not know how to, or did not want to, react to.