By    Jeffrey Trimble   

Digital-Dot-Maag has arrived at Maag Library! As the information highway continues to develop, the digital realm is building a “super-digital-highway”.   All of this is being performed from a project called Dspace.

Dspace, a joint software project between MIT and Hewlett-Packard, enables institutions to keep archival copies of their digital projects in an institutional repository. Digital-Dot-Maag is Maag Library’s installation of the Dspace software.

Not only does Digital-Dot-Maag preserve the past, but also preserves things born in digital format. All types of materials may be deposited into the Institutional Repository (IR) including sound files, videos, jpegs, word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

Currently, DDM (Digital-Dot-Maag) has four communities: Media and Academic Computing, the Office of Marketing and Communication, the University Archives and Special Collections, and Thesis and Dissertations. Each community may be further divided into separate collections. For example, the archives staff is compiling a collection of digital photographs ranging from the 1920s to the present time.

All items in DDM are linked to a metadata record which contains information describing the item: the date it was created or issued, a title, subjects, the physical description of the original item, or the names of people in pictures. All of the information is searchable by users.

In the future, faculty will be able to upload their research, data sets, pre-publications, and other materials they wish to share with others across campus and even across the global community.

Take a look at Digital-Dot-Maag: http://digital.maag.ysu.edu