Welcome to Maag's Electronic Newsletter

From Paul Kobulnicky
Executive Director; Maag Library

We live in an age where information bombards us and that makes effective communication very difficult.

As a receiver of information, I have so much sent to me and so much to sort through that I wind up making instantaneous decisions that result in very little being actually read and lots of stuff summarily tossed out … both physically and virtually. I scan communications for visual clues to make decisions on value before making the read or toss decision.

As a sender of information, I struggle to think of ways to present my communications so that someone actually will read them. I try to present compelling clues and layouts in inviting ways to grab the reader.

To ensure good communications, the sender has to get you to read the message the first time and then keep the content good enough and important enough to encourage you to keep on reading.

Maag Library is at the first step … trying to get you to read our message for the first time. To do this we have “gone digital” and tried to use some good design techniques. This HTML newsletter allows us to incorporate graphic elements that, we hope, increase its visual appeal.

We do believe that the content is what will keep you coming back. Libraries are in the midst of dramatic change that has no end in sight. We have a lot to tell you about that change and how we can help you work better and easier. We expect to publish this newsletter twice each FALL and SPRING term.

Take a look at this issue and let me know what you think. Send your comments to me at pjkobulnickyy@ysu.edu.