Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                         August 2010

Maag Library To Host Welcome Week Carnival and Barcode Drive

Welcome Week is coming again and Maag Library has lots of festivities planned. In years past, you may have won a number of exciting prizes from our prize wheel. This year, we’re retiring our wheel and rolling out a new carnival game for you to try — Plinko! We still have the great prizes you remember, but now you get to drop the puck to see what you’ll win.
Librarian Kevin Whitfield hands a student the cup she won at the retired prize wheel during Welcome Week 2009

Make certain you stop by for our famous nachos and cheese as well. Everything during Welcome Week is free and we encourage students to bring their parents and families to join in the festivities. Parents of new students may especially enjoy seeing where their children will be studying and taking classes.

As always, our main goal during Welcome Week is having any student without a barcode come to the library Circulation Desk and get one. The process is easy: Just hand your student ID to the person at the counter; they will put a library bar code sticker on the back of the ID. You’ll also be asked to fill out a short form with your contact information to drop in our raffle box for a chance to win our big prize, a Sony E-Reader Pocket Edition!

The winner of the Sony E-Reader will be selected by drawing one of the information forms from those students entered in the raffle box. When you fill out your information sheet, also be sure to guess the number of candies in the jar at the counter. The person with the closest guess can win a $20 gift certificate to the Lemon Grove. Other close guesses will receive items such as a ComDoc copy card with 25 free copies, a gift certificate to Coyocan, or a Jazzman’s coffee mug.

We’ll be holding the festivities Monday and Tuesday, August 23 and 24, from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM on the patio outside Maag Library near the Wick Avenue Bridge. The rain location is inside the Maag Library Lobby. Make sure you stop by for a Plinko prize and some nacho chips!

New Look for Maag Library

Maag Library has undergone some major improvements this summer. Be sure to stop by the library and check them out during the fall semester!

  • Two new group study rooms have been created on the fourth floor. Special features of these rooms include multiple presentation viewing for laptops and improved wireless connections.

  • Newly upholstered couches and chairs are nestled throughout the library along with new sun screens in the Reference Room.

  • More cabinet space has been added for the media collection in the Multimedia Center. Electronic message boards located in the lobby area and by the circulation desk will display Maag Library activities, services, and classes in the library along with current news, weather, and sports.

  • On the sixth floor, the conference room will be removed and additional study and lounge space will be added during the fall 2010 semester. This setup will facilitate more space for quiet study.
New group study rooms, located on the fourth floor past the tech desk, await furniture and presentation screens before their debut.

Course Reserves and Textbooks

In the lobby of Maag Library, behind the circulation desk, there are shelves of YSU textbooks and other classroom related materials for students to borrow. Most of these items are IN -LIBRARY USE only for a 3-hour loan period. However, there are a small number of items that may be borrowed for use outside the building for a longer loan period. To borrow an item: (1) present your YSU ID with your Maag Library barcode and (2) know the title and author of the textbook you want to use and/or the name of the Professor/Instructor of your class.

Knowing exactly what you need is key to learning if Maag Library owns it. The syllabus or the instructor’s remarks at the first class meeting will give you the information you need before you come to the library. You can search the online library catalog, called MaagNet, for available reserves ( A binder containing an alphabetical list of the textbooks we own is available at the circulation desk as well . Also in this binder is an alphabetical list of Faculty/Instructors who have materials required for class assignments on reserve.

Maag Library Reserves also are circulated electronically. From the Maag website look for Quick Links, then click Course Reserves. You can search by choosing Instructor or Course. At present, textbooks are not available electronically; however, scanned materials which meet copyright laws have been submitted by faculty members and uploaded to the Maag Library Course Reserves web page. From the Reserves page, you can save or print the materials needed for your course.

Faculty members wishing to place items on the Maag Library Reserves shelf or on electronic reserve should complete the online course reserve form and follow the instructions found in Online Request Forms available from Quick Links on the Maag Home Page. Contact Michael Lisi at 330-941-3684 if you have questions regarding Textbook and Course Reserves at Maag Library.

From the Director

It’s been a busy summer in Maag Library. We’ve been working on some changes that we hope will be very visible to faculty and students. New hi-definition display panels will be going up in the lobby of Maag library to help us communicate library news and information to our faculty, students and staff. New groupstudy rooms will open on Level 4 of the library with computer displays that will enable several users to plug in and collaborate using work that is stored on their laptops. We’ve adjusted the collection of journals on Level 6 to make it easier to find the newest journal articles and we’ve made it safer by removing heavy bound journals from those over-your-head shelves. We’ll be testing information delivery on a few iPads and Kindles. New digital books, and even some older classics, are being added to the OhioLINK catalog by YSU’s cataloging staff. And going way out on a limb, Maag Library is one of the very first US academic libraries to initiate an electronic textbook center, designed to assist YSU faculty in the development and use of open source (free) digital textbooks. And that’s just what we did this summer. While all that was going on, we’ve even prepared our strategic plan for the next three years. As you can see, summer was not our “down time.”

Paul Kobulnicky
Executive Director

Kindle and iPad Available for Check Out

Maag Library recently purchased two Kindle E-Readers and one Apple iPad that will be available for check out starting this fall.
Both the Kindle and iPad will only be available to YSU students, faculty, and staff and will not circulate on OhioLink.
To check out either item, you will be asked to sign the Maag Library Electronic Device Agreement form and to be gentle with either item.
Kindle circulation will include an instruction manual as well as many free preloaded titles. To view other materials you must use your existing account or create an account for free. This process is outlined in the instruction manual. Any materials you purchase will still be active in your account after you return the device.

Mike Lisi and Charmaine Walker pose with the devices.
To use the iPad you must have wireless access to the Internet. To download materials you must have an iTunes account.
All items downloaded to either the Kindle or the iPad will be deleted when it is returned.
Collections Services Update

Collections Services has been working toward advancing access to information, keeping in mind strategic goals to consider all OhioLINK library collections before shaping our own. In addition we are concerned with making full use of available information formats to provide access to unique resources.

Our projects have been centered on an increasingly unique collection, more responsive to state university information needs. We continue to shape our print serials collection for a stronger focus on current issues, making better use of reliable online resources for access to retrospective issues. Secondary copies in our monographs collection that have purnever circulated are in the process of being removed to make way for current items to serve YSU and Ohio- LINK information needs better. We have provided access to unique resources by cataloging local archival collections and linking to finding aids in PDF format stored in D-Space, our local online repository.

We also have partnered with the YSU School of Graduate Studies and Research and OhioLINK since 2007 to provide online access to all theses and dissertations produced by the YSU academic community. The YSU Electronic Theses and Dissertations program has been successful with thousands of monthly requests world-wide for YSU ETDs.

Professional Development
  • Christine Adams: Assistant Reference Librarian for Business and Economics— Special Libraries Association 2010 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in New Orleans, LA—Presented a poster entitled "Off to a Good Start! Librarian and Faculty Collaboration on Financial Literacy."

  • Maria Barefoot: Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Health Sciences—Off Campus Library Education Conference in Cleveland, OH—Presented a poster entitled "Online Liaison: Creating a Comprehensive Web Presence for the Health Sciences."

  • Debbie Beronja: CRC Librarian (Curriculum Resource Center)—Recipient of YSU Distinguished Service Award

  • Cynthia Harrison: Assistant Reference Librarian, Science and Engineering—Inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Society, YSU Circle, and became Faculty Secretary of the Circle; attended the annual OhioLink Chemistry Librarians’ meeting; served as a Lake-to-River Regional Science Fair Judge; attended the Academic Library Association of Ohio/Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians' Technical Electronic and Digital Services Interest Group Resource Description and Access (RDA) Presentation and Meeting; and and attended the Hiram College Center for Literature, Medicine, and the Health Professions' Summer Symposium: The Role of Narrative in Science and Medicine: 1990-2010.

  • Jim Kapoun: Associate Director and Head of Information Services—Published article in Journal of Religious and Theological Information, “Library Instruction, Intervention, and Immersion: A 5-year Study of Religion and the Arts,” Volume 8, Number 3-4, 2009.

  • Rebecca Roberts: Manager of Information Literacy and Assessment Planning—Attended ALAO Conference in Wilmington, OH and presented “Redefining the Resource Page: Replacing Static Subject Guides with Dynamic Blogs.” Attended Fall TurningPoint User Conference in Las Vegas. Attended Spring TurningPoint User Conference at Northwestern University and presented "One Shot Wonder: Using Web 2.0 and TurningPoint to Engage Students in One-Shot Library Sessions."

  • Jeffrey Trimble : System Librarian—Is the general editor of the DSpace documentation manual for release 1.6.2; has been appointed the general editor of the release 1.7 manual set for distribution in December 2010.

  • Shelly Xiaoli Zhu: Electronic Services Librarian—Presented “Redefining the Resource Page: Replacing Static Subject Guides with Dynamic Blogs” at ALAO Conference in Wilmington, OH; presented "Is Content Management System Right for You?" at Library Technology Conference at Macalester College.

Rebecca Roberts (center) with two colleagues at the 2009
Turning Technologies User Conference.

Contact Information
Department Liaisons
  • Christine Adams—Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management— x3680

  • Robert Ault—History, Political Science— x1719

  • Maria Barefoot—Health Professions, Human Performance and Exercise Science , Nursing, Physical Therapy, Human Ecology— x3681

  • Cynthia Harrison—Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences— x3680

  • George Heller—Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Reading & Study Skills, Social Work, Sociology— x3680

  • Alyssa Jordan—Art, Communication, Music— x2382

  • Paul Kobulnicky—Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics & Statistics— x3675

  • Jim Kapoun—Music, Theater— x1478

  • John Popadak—Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences— x2741

  • Rebecca Roberts—English— x1720

  • Kevin Whitfield—Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Religion— x2922

  • Shelly Xiaoli Zhu—Computer Science, Engineering Technology, School of Technology— x1723

Library Department Contacts
  • Administration—x3675

  • Access Services (Circulation)—x3678
    • Inter-Library Loan—x3684

  • Archives and Special Collections—x3487

  • Rose Melnick Medical Museum—x4661

  • Collections Services—x2922

  • Information Services (Reference)—x3686

  • Curriculum Resource Center—x1206

  • Multimedia Center—x2382

  • Microforms—x3682

  • Technical Services
    • System Librarian(Jeff Trimble)—x2483
    • Electronic Services Librarian
      (Shelly Xiaoli Zhu)—x1723

  • Student Services
    • Communications—x2052, x2255
    • English Language Institute—x4711
    • Reading and Study Skills—x3099
    • Tech Desk—1595
    • Writing Center—3055
    • Jazzman’s Café—x2232