Research Carrels

Research carrels are available to current YSU students, faculty, and staff:

  1. To check out a research carrel until the end of the day, bring your YSU ID to the Circulation Desk on the main floor.

  2. To obtain a research carrel for one semester, you must meet the criteria below and fill out the online application.

Research Carrel Application

Research Carrels Policy

Maag Library has approximately 50 individual, lockable research carrels available throughout the facility. Contact the Library Office at 330-941-3675 for more information.
The policy for assignment and use of these carrels is as follows:

  • Use of carrels is restricted to valid YSU faculty (including Emeritus), staff, and students.
  • The issuance of a research carrel is intended to support sustained and intensive library research. It is expected that the occupant will be engaged in either: faculty research, doctoral research, research assigned to graduate assistants, graduate theses, undergraduate capstone projects, faculty-directed undergraduate research, or library research as assigned to a staff member by a faculty member. A letter of request from an advising faculty member must document a student's need for a research carrel.
  • Research carrels are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis at the beginning of each term. Carrel assignments are for the duration of the term only. Carrel occupants may extend occupancy for subsequent terms up to one consecutive year. Occupancy beyond one consecutive year must be supported in writing with research justification by a department chairperson (in the case of students) or a dean (in the case of faculty and staff). When demand exceeds carrels that are available, the Manager of Library Operations will maintain a waiting queue. If carrels are available and there is no one on the waiting queue, the one consecutive year clause may be waived on a term by term basis at the discretion of the Manager of Library Operations.
  • Those individuals requiring the use of wheelchairs may request the use of a limited number of wheelchair accessible research carrels. Maag Library will attempt to accommodate individuals with documented disabilities (on file with the YSU Disabilities Office) in the assignment of research carrels.
  • Keys and assignments to research carrels are the responsibility of the Operations Manager at Maag Library.
  • Signed and approved applications must accompany all carrel assignments. No keys shall be issued without the appropriate forms.
  • All Maag Library carrel keys must be returned DIRECTLY to the Maag Administrative Office, Room 226, upon the end of the term, withdrawal, or request to relinquish carrel.
  • Maag Library materials must be properly checked out before being left in the research carrel. NO JOURNALS or REFERENCE BOOKS MAY BE LEFT IN A CARREL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Failure to check out books may result in forfeiture of carrel rights.
  • All research carrels are furnished with a small table, chair, and desk lamp. For safety reasons, the installation of other fixtures, furnishings (i.e. shelving, curtains, tables, etc.), and the use of flammable items (i.e. coffee makers, candles, smoking, etc.) are NOT permitted in the carrels. Carrels are to be used for library research and not for storage. The library assumes no responsibility for the security of personal items left in research carrels.
  • For safety reasons, carrel windows may NOT be covered.
  • Research carrel users must abide by the library general use policy.
  • Maag Library reserves the right to enter research carrels when necessary and to remove any library material that has not been properly checked out. The library also reserves the right to remove any items that could be a potential hazard.
  • The 5th and 6th floors are considered “silent” study areas. The 3rd and 4th floors are “non-quiet” study areas for group studies.