Gift Policy

William F. Maag, Jr. Library always welcomes gifts of materials in good condition. Materials may include books, periodicals, musical scores, and multimedia. Donated materials will be added to the collection when they support research and/or add value to the University Library's diverse collection. Monetary donations are always appreciated and welcomed.

Gift Donation Form *

  • Gifts of books and other appropriate items which help build the library's collections are always welcome.
  • Gifts are accepted by Maag Library and are reviewed to determine if the books (items) should be added to the collection. The Library reserves the right to dispose of gift materials that are found to be inappropriate for the collection.
  • The donor will be responsible for obtaining any appraisals for tax purposes, if they so desire, prior to delivery of the materials to the Library. The cost of such appraisal shall not be borne by Maag Library.
  • Before bringing a donation to Maag Library, donors should box all materials and contact the Acquisitions Librarian to discuss any special circumstances concerning the donation.
  • Once received, donated materials become the property of Maag Library.

* Requires Acrobat Adobe Reader